Special OSCE module for Politics and Security programme students

12 March, 2014

In the week of  10-14 March following the economic programme the OSCE Academy  is hosting  «History, Functions & Critiques of the OSCE» module for the students of "Politics and security " Master programme.

This is an intensive modular course taught by professionals who have worked or are currently working for the OSCE at its headquarters in Europe and its field missions in Central Asia.They share their ideas and experiences of the OSCE with the students in an interactive manner.

The module begins with a history of the Cold War, and continues with background to the formation of the OSCE, its functions and its historical and political challenges, including discussions on the Organization’s structures and current activities.

Presentations are on the three dimensions of Political-Military, Economic-Environment, and Human and their applications in the OSCE region, including Central Asia.


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