Ahmed Rashid talks on post-2014 Afghanistan

7 April, 2014

On 4 April the OSCE Academy hosted a public talk by Mr. Ahmed Rashid, a prominent Pakistani journalist and writer. In his talk titled “The West, Afghanistan and Central Asia: Looking Beyond the 2014”, Ahmed Rashid discussed some key aspects of the ongoing security and political transition in Afghanistan and offered views on possible implications of developments in Afghanistan for Central Asia. The speaker discussed in detail his views on the processes within Taliban, including Pakistani Taliban and Afghan Taliban and argued the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and other groups of Central Asian origin should not be discounted too early.

The Q&A session covered different issues, including the regional cooperation on Afghanistan, Taliban’s relations with Pakistan, the track record of the ISAF in Afghanistan and others. Shairbek Juraev, Deputy Director of the OSCE Academy, chaired the talk.

The video of the talk will be made public soon.


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