The Journalism School Report Presentation

8 November, 2014

On 7 November the OSCE Academy conducted a presentation of  the Report on Summer School of Contemporary Journalism (Russian version) for the local media community.

The Summer school builds on more than five years of the OSCE Academy experience of training for print media, while the DWA contributes with their expertise in radio, TV and online journalism. In addition, it is developed for early career journalists to help them fill in the gap between university education and employer expectations and give them a holistic concept of the profession, where different media increasingly interact. Main purpose of the School is not only new skills and knowledge that young journalists get during the education process, but also those professional relationships that they build with classmates. In the future, the Academy expects that these regional links will be actively used by journalists in their work.

At this time there were 5 classes and more than 50 graduates from all Central Asian countries except Turkmenistan. This Report, made by expert Elmira Toktogulova, is a definite analysis of the effectiveness of the program as a whole and, in addition, the slice of problems and prospects of the journalism market in general.

Both versions of the Report (English and Russian) will be soon available on the web-site. 


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