Workshop for Journalists

25 November, 2014

On 24-25 November the OSCE Academy held a two-day workshop on "Respect for the truth: journalistic ethics in the digital age. In search of a cure for manipulation and disinformation. " This two-day seminar was conducted in the framework of our annual alumni meeting of Central Asian School of Contemporary Journalism.

During the workshop's discussions and practical exercises various controversial issues of journalism were raised.  Among them professional ethics and personal security of journalists.

The participants received a brief information about the propaganda and manipulation tools, as well as learned about the basic methods of prevention and protection against informational attacks.

The main advantage of the workshop was its practical part, where the journalists tried both the role of "producers of disinformation" and "truth seekers". Participants analyzed several real cases, made their own guidelines, were able to check the veracity and validity of different articles published in the media for the last year.


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