OSCE module for the students of the MA Programme on Economic Governance and Development

17 February, 2013

11-14 February - Students of the MA Programme on Economic Governance and Development had an opportunity to discuss money laundering, the results of latest mutual evaluations, price of corruption within the framework of the OSCE module week.

The OSCE module is a part of the curricula of both master's programmes. Lecturers are selected from staff membersof the OSCE missions in different countries. The main purpose of this module is to familiarize students with the basic principles of the mission, goals, objectives and guidelines of the OSCE activities.

This year the students were able to communicate with the following lecturers and discuss the following subjects:

11 February:

Morning session: EED as a part of comprehensive approach to security. The role of the OCEEA. Main economic and environmental activities / John Herring, Senior Economic and Environmental Officer OSCE CiB.

12 February:

Promotion of good economic governance and combating of corruption / Roel Janssens, Economic Adviser, OCEEA
Morning session: The OSCE priorities, principles and strategies. The role of the OSCE, including in the transport field.
- What is Good Governance?
- Price of corruption and how to measure it
- The Second Dimension's mandate and role in promoting Good Governance and countering corruption
- Concrete examples of OSCE activities

13 February:

Preventing and countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism / Roel Janssens, Economic Adviser, OCEEA
Morning session: Principles, priorities, strategies and processes. The role of the OSCE
- What is ML/FT?
- Money laundering: three stages, typologies
- Money Laundering in Pop Culture
- Predicate offenses to money laundering
- FATF recommendations; FATF-Style Regional Bodies (FSRBs)
- AML/CFT Regimes
- OSCE OCEEA Activities
- The Eurasian Group on Combating
Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (EAG)
Early afternoon session: The OSCE field work / Murod Khusanov, National Project Officer, EED of OSCE Uz
Regional threats of ML/FT
- National AML/CFT regimes
- The results of latest mutual evaluations
- Regional co-operation
- The work of the OSCE in the region
Case Study

14 February:

Early afternoon session:  The OSCE field work: energy security, and security implications of water
management. Farkhod Abdurakhmanov, EED of OSCE CiD
Case Study

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