The Swiss Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan delivers a talk to the Academy students

17 May, 2013

Students of the OSCE Academy met with H.E. Laurent Guye, Ambassador of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic who held a lecture "Two or three things that Switzerland have learned in 20 years of cooperation with Kyrgyzstan"

Maxim Ryabkov, Director of the OSCE Academy opened the lecture emphasizing the importance of Swiss contribution to the comprehensive development of Central Asia region: "We happy to welcome H.E. Laurent Guye at our Academy. The Swiss development projects has contributed to the development not only of the Central Asian economy, but also to our better understanding of the mechanisms of effective aid. These lessons from practice have to be taught to the wider audience, and analyzed in academic research. Understanding these lessons is a sine qua non of further development of the region. "

H.E. Laurent Guye expressed his pleasure for being invited and visiting the OSCE Academy for the first time.
The lecture started with a brief display of the key aspects of cooperation between Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan. Ambassador talked about the diplomatic relations and economic cooperation, development and humanitarian aid. H.E. Laurent Guye touched questions of donor resourses assignment and support of Kyr¬gyzstan in its economic, social and political transitions. Questions and answer session touched upon regional development, energy-water nexus and other topics.

"The conditions which allow making the best use of external assistance - ownership, alignment with national policies, strong coordination, accountability- are not met in their entirety in the Kyrgyz Republic. However, we - donors - have to work harder with our Kyrgyz counterparts in improving the framework for cooperation. The experience of the Kyrgyz Republic with parliamentary democracy, open society and economy and freedom of the press is very special in the region and deserves to be supported.", - concluded H.E. Laurent Guye.


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