Associate Research Fellow Dr. Sebastian Mayer delivered Public Lecture

10 June, 2019

On 6 June the OSCE Academy’s Associate Research Fellow Dr. Sebastian Mayer delivered a Public Lecture on "Regime Complexity in Central Asian Security." During the lecture Dr. Sebastian Mayer talked about the regime complexity and border management in Central Asian countries and Georgia. In the first part of his presentation Dr. Mayer identified “regime” and “regime complexity” and gave an overview over his preliminary work in Georgia and the South Caucasus, as well as examined the crisis and border management in Georgia. In the second part of his presentation he discussed the regime complexity in the Central Asian countries and analyzed their memberships in international organizations. In particular, he reviewed the EU BOMCA programme’s projects and the OSCE’s work on borders in Central Asia. Dr. Mayer concluded with follow-up questions and assumptions about the regime complexities’ implications and institutional effectiveness in the region.

The video recording of the lecture is available at:


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