Graduation of the students of the Fourth Central Asian School of Contemporary Journalism

2 September, 2013


On 30 August 2013 the Fourth Central Asian School of Contemporary Journalism was officially closed with graduation of 13 young journalists from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. This unique ten-week intensive school, a joint project of the OSCE Academy and the Deutsche Welle Akademie, is a combination of technical training in print, radio, TV and online media, and a workshop in which ethnic conflict, social problems and other issues are covered in original journalistic material, reflecting the highest standards of professional ethics. The materials prepared by the School participants will be published by the Academy.
"In the course of the ten week programme, the students acquired important skills in print, radio, TV and online journalism,” said Erik Albrecht, Regional Coordinator for Central Asia. “These skills will give them substantial advantages towards their colleagues. DW Akademie is convinced that these young journalists will be able to improve their journalism in their media outlets"
OSCE Academy trainer Elena Uporova said: “The interest of our young journalists in complex social issues and their idealism evokes respect. They believe that journalism can change the world for the better; make it friendlier towards the working people, the elderly, children, minorities. Our school helps them transform this belief into professional work, by honing their skills and opening their minds for new ideas.”
The Central Asian School of Journalism is part of efforts of the OSCE Academy to contribute to professional development of the new generation of public servants, civil society activists and journalists in Central Asia.


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