Dr. Baurzhan Rakhmetov is an Assistant Professor at the International School of Economics, KazGUU University, Astana, Kazakhstan. He holds a PhD degree in Politics and International Relations from Cardiff University, UK. In his PhD thesis, Baurzhan examined the dynamics of internet control across the world with a focus on the post-Soviet region. Baurzhan is also an Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), UK. In 2018-2020 he taught IR disciplines at the School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University.

Research interests include the impact of the internet on politics and society, state control of the internet, the rise of tech giants, and the digitalization of the economy and society.

Baurzhan is a contributor to Forbes Kazakhstan https://forbes.kz/authors/authorsid_1274

A member of the editorial board of the Journal of Digital Technologies and Law https://www.lawjournal.digital/jour/index

Selected public articles:

Rakhmetov, B. (2022). The Consequences of Internet Shutdowns in Kazakhstan. Council on Foreign Relations (Net Politics).

Rakhmetov, B. (2021). The Hidden Side of the Internet: How Governments Track Populations. CabarAsia.

Rakhmetov, B. (2021). The Putin Regime Will Never Tire of Imposing Internet Control: Developments in Digital Legislation in Russia. Council on Foreign Relations (Net Politics).

Rakhmetov, B. and Valeriano, B. (2020). Widening the aperture on the study of Internet Control. Council on Foreign Relations (Net Politics).