There are many higher education programmes in Central Asia, but the OSCE Academy has made, and continues to make, unique contributions to Central Asia and beyond. Since its establishment in 2002 by agreement between the OSCE and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the OSCE Academy  serves as a regional centre of higher education and a forum for regional security dialogue and research. The OSCE Academy’s Programmes are unique opportunities for students from Central Asia and outside of the region.

In many ways, the Academy is a promoter of the OSCE values and ideals and a model for reforming the region’s higher education and research systems. Engaging with the Academy is a lasting investment in one’s professional and personal advancement and contributes to the positive development of Central Asia.

The MA programmes include specially designed courses and modules in the areas of Political Sciences, Security Studies, International Relations, Conflict Prevention, Macro and Micro Economics, International Development Studies, International Human Rights Law, Good Governance and Sustainability Principles, Norms and Standards with a focus on Central Asian Region.

The regional and gender-balanced composition of students creates a dynamic mix of perspectives in coursework and research. Our beneficiaries bring their personal experiences and knowledge about each society to test their assumptions and develop innovative solutions to chronic social and political problems.

The OSCE Academy remains a truly open forum for vigorous debates, open exchange of views, and broad perspectives on policies affecting the political, social, and economic problems of Central Asia. Critical thinking, objective reasoning, and seeking the truth are encouraged in every lesson and assignment. In all its academic affairs, the Academy maintains strict standards of integrity in student selection, assessment, and granting of degrees/certificates.

The BA programme in Economics

The Academy provides young professionals with career opportunities in various disciplines, ready to take up responsibility in top-management positions in international organisations, government structures, and academia. The Academy serves as a platform for enhanced dialogue and exchange of new ideas between the academic and policy-making communities and it continuously expands its network of partnerships to act as a true institution of the OSCE and its participating States.

The alumni of the MA Programmes form a regional network of young professionals, working in international organizations such as the OSCE or UN agencies, government bodies of the states in Central Asia, research institutions and think tanks, and the private sector. They are also successful scholars pursuing degrees in institutions such as Harvard University, Vrije University, Central European University, Charles University, University of Trento, Western Michigan University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Passau University.

The OSCE Academy is an equal-opportunity institution. It operates on the principle of non-discrimination. All recruitment decisions are made on the basis of selecting the most qualified candidates, taking into consideration regional and gender balance.

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