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Alumni and Experts Meet to Discuss the Gender Issues in Central Asia

16 February, 2018

On 15-16 February the OSCE Academy organized a workshop dedicated to “Gender Issues in Central Asia” for its alumni and external guests. The two-day workshop gathered about 40 participants who aimed at identifying contemporary problems related to gender issues in politics and security, in the economic sphere and in the social and legal fields in the region. Towards the end the alumni and other participants developed recommendations for authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders. The sessions were moderated by: Ms. Dilovar Kabulova and Ms Farzona Khashimova, Independent Experts from Uzbekistan and Ms. Dinara Aytkulova, Director of the Women's Democratic Club, Kyrgyzstan.

11 alumni from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan covered topics such as women in politics and security; cooperation between the International Organizations and State Agencies on providing women more opportunities and rights; gender norms in puberty education; domestic violence; women influence on economic development; gender problems in agriculture and water recourse management and many others. One further output of this workshop will be a summarizing report, in which a selected participant will summarize and comment on the discussion as rapporteur and draw further conclusions for future discussions.


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