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Publications of the OSCE Academy Alumni in 2011

3 February, 2012

Annual Alumni Surveys reveal achievements of our alumni, one of which is - publications. In 2011 twelve alumni published their works in publications of the research institutions and regional and international journals:

Matthew Naumann '05 has published "Situation Assessment of Children in the Kyrgyz Republic" UNICEF

Janyl Bokonbaeva'05 has published "Kyrgyzstan-OSCE: paths of cooperation" monograph

Violetta Yan' 05 co-authored with Graeme P. Herd "The Arab Spring: Implications for Europe-Eurasian Relations?" Central Asia Security Policy Brief #6, OSCE Academy and GCSP, December 2011

Assel Mussagalieva '05, wrote an article "WHO Intersectoral collaboration initiatives on mother child health: the view from Kazakhstan" and co-authored two articles: "Partnership for change: the role of WHO and health managers on improving mother and child health" and "Project "Support for Maternal and Child Health in Kazakhstan," published in the European Magazine for Sexual and Reproductive Health Entre Nous, issue no 74, August 2011,-entre-nous-74,-2011

Rustam Karimov '05 published an article "Methods of Education of the Younger Generations" (Методика воспитания подрастающего поколения 2011) from the Youth Forum of the CIS countries.

Alexey Dunditch '05 has published "International Relations in Central Asia: Events and Documents," ed. by A. Bogaturov, Moscow, 2011 (first award "social idea-2011") and Retrospective of Afghanistan Political Process (book review), International Trens Vol.9, #3(27), Sept-Dec 2011

Selbi Hanova '07 has published "Perspectives on the SCO: Images and Discourses"

Tulkinjon Umaraliev '08 has published "MSI Report 2011 - Uzbekistan" (IREX) and "New Social Media and Conflict in Kyrgyzstan" (SIPRI) and

Mira Yespenova '09 has published an article "The Madrid Compromise: Kazakhstan's Chairmanship in the OSCE" in STETE Yearbook 2010 of the Finnish Committee for European security.

Daniyar Karabaev' 09 has published two articles: "Turmoil and Beyond in Tajikistan" in The Sunday Indian Journal, December 2011 and "Kyrgyz-Tajik Friendship" in Central Eurasia Scholars and Media Initiative and BBC, January 2012

Ekaterina Klimenko'10 has published an article "Central Asian Regional Security Complex" in Central Asia and the Caucasus journal.

Kushtarbek Shamshidov '10 co-authored Dr Pál Dunay , Dr Graeme P. Herd and Dr Maxim Ryabkov "The 4th GCSP-OSCE Academy-NUPI-NESA-GCMC Seminar "Central Asia 2011"

Javeed Ahmad' 11 has publish his Master's Thesis "International Conferences on Afghanistan: From bonn 2001 to bonn 2011"

Most of these publications are accessible in the electronic format. You can also access them in the E-Learning section:

Dear Alumni, thank you for sharing your publications!

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