Alumni Publications in 2018

“Citizen-Led Justice in Post-Communist Russia: From Comrades' Courts to Dotcomrade Vigilantism”, by Rashid Gabdulhakov ’13, Peer-reviewed journal of Surveillance Studies, October 2018

"Three ways Canadian youth can engage, not silence, the 'other'", by Aaron Joshua Pinto ‘16, OpenCanada, August 2018

“Talking about and Doing Elections: The Shaping of a Local Electoral Field in Western Afghanistan”, by Said Reza Kazemi, Central Asian Affairs 5(2): 160–176, April 2018

“Afghanistan in 2018: A Survey of the Afghan People”, co-authored by Masood Sadat ’14, November 2018

Chapter “State Identities in Post-Soviet Foreign Policy: Theories and Cases in Central Asia”, by Selbi Hanova ’08 in Isaacs, Frigerio (Eds.) Theorizing Central Asia Politics The State, Ideology and Power, Cham:  Springer International Publishing AG, 213-236, November 2018

Eurasian Economic Union and the Silk Road Economic Belt”, by Zalina Enikeeva ’16, Trade Policy Journal № 4/12, Higher School of Economics, November 2018

"Kyrgyzstan’s informal settlements: yntymak and the emergence of politics in place", by Bert Cramer '15, Central Asian Survey Volume 36, 2018 - Issue 1: Critical Approaches to Security in Central Asia

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