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From JPO to Serving in a Mission in Vienna: Success Story of Ahmad Munir Faruhee

27 January, 2020

Ahmad    Munir    Faruhee    is    alumnus  of  2013  of  the  MA  Programme  in  Politics  and  Security  from  Afghanistan.    Munir  was the OSCE Academy’s first Junior Public  Officer  (JPO)  in  Afghanistan,  where the JPO Programme was established in 2012. Today he is a diplomat at  the  Embassy  and  the  Permanent  Mission of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Vienna, Austria.

Q: Dear Munir, please, tell us about  your  experience  as  the  first JPO.

It was an excellent experience for me. I  found  the  opportunity  to  engage  deeply  with  the  practical  aspects  of  diplomacy  and  world  politics.  Stationing  at  the  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs of Afghanistan helped me to expose to important conferences and seminars.  Being  a  JPO,  enabled  me  to develop the required rapport with eminent  officials  of  different  state  organs. It encouraged me to endeav-or further for my capacity building. I indeed had a great experience and a wonderful time back then.

Q:  Did  the  JPO  Programme  contribute  to  your  career  in  the Public Sector?

Of course it did. I always wanted to work  with  the  public  sector,  especially  with  the  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs or the United Nations. Therefore, I did my bachelors and master’s degrees  in  the  fields  of  Politics,  Security  and  International  Relations.  The  JPO  programme  provided  me  with a great opportunity to start my work  with  the  Ministry  of  Foreign  Affairs  and  it  played  a  key  role  in  my  understanding  of  the  Ministry’s  structure,  the  conduct  of  diplomacy,  interdepartmental  works,  creating  and  strong  networking.  Later,  at the end of my JPO programme, I participated  in  the  entrance  examination of the Ministry and with the practical work experience that I had got through the programme, I easily succeeded and has been formally recruited as an official of the Ministry.

Q:   Today   you   work   in   the   Afghan  mission  in  Austria,  which  represents  the  interest  of  Afghanistan  not  only  in  a  foreign  country,  but  in  the  largest   world   organization,   the  UN  and  also  the  OSCE.  What  challenges  and  opportunities  does  it  provide  to  be  a public servant?

Every  phase  of  life  has  its  opportunities   and   challenges.   Likewise,   by  holding  a  degree  from  such  an  important     academic     institution,     I  always  faced  challenges  to  work  hard.  Everyone  expects  more  from  holders  of  such  degrees.  However,  I  have  always  considered  those  challenges,  as  glaring  opportunities  for  my  job.  Besides,  being  an  alumnus  of this institution paved the way for my  deep  engagement  with  some  of  the  officials  at  OSCE  headquarters  in  Vienna,  and  holders  of  similar  degrees  at  other  institutions.  Moreover, the knowledge acquired during my  studies  at  the  OSCE  Academy,  helped  me  to  carry  out  my  job  professionally.

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Well,  based  on  my  objectives,  I  envision  myself  as  a  skilled  and  professional  diplomat  in  5  years.  I  am  committed to work hard and remove the  obstacles  which  may  pose  challenges to my success in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan.


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