Authors’ Workshop on the Forthcoming Book “Climate Change and decarbonization in Central Asia”

16 December, 2021

On 16 December the OSCE Academy and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs held an Authors’ Workshop on the forthcoming book “Climate Change and decarbonization in Central Asia.” This event was held in hybrid format and provided an opportunity for the authors to discuss the detailed outlines of the chapters, which will be finalized and published by Springer as an Open Access book in 2022. The book will cover a broad range of related issues including climate change impact on security, energy, politics, gender, mining and many others.

The event was opened by the Academy’s Director, Dr. Alexander Wolters; the Co-editor, Research Professor and Head of Center for Energy Research, NUPI, Professor Indra Overland; and Editor, Post-Doc Researcher, OSCE Academy, Dr. Rahat Sabyrbekov.
During the three sessions, moderated by Dr. Sabyrbekov, Dr. Roman Vakulchuk, Co-editor, Senior Researcher, NUPI, and Prof. Overland, the authors presented their works in process on impact of climate change in Central Asia, society and climate change, as well as future policies and opportunities. More specifically the presentations were on:

‘Climate change impacts on Central Asia,’ by Anne Sophie Daloz, CICERO, AUCA
‘Mobilities and Climate Change in Central Asia: tackling the vulnerability of the mobility infrastructure and transport-related pollution,’ by Suzy Blondin, Institute of Geography, University of Neuchâtel
‘The Climate Change and Gender Nexus in Kyrgyzstan,’ by Karina Standal, human geographer working on energy, gender and development, Anna Sophie Dalos, CICERO, Elena Kim, AUCA
‘Recycle, re-use, and reduce culture: Eco-activism and entrepreneurship in Almaty,’ by Aliya Tskhay, University of St Andrews
‘The institution of Environmentalism in Central Asia,’ by Filippo Costa Buranelli, University of St Andrews
‘Climate change science and policy in Central Asia: Future perspectives,’ by Alisher Mirzabaev, Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn
‘Decarbonization opportunities and Carbon pricing instruments in Central Asia,’ by Gulim Abdi and Nurkhat Zhakiyev, Astana IT University


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