Report Launch: “China’s Security Management Towards Central Asia”

2 June, 2022

On 2 June 2022, the OSCE Academy hosted a report launch “China’s Security Management Towards Central Asia” in English and Russian language by OSCE Academy Senior Researcher Niva Yau. Niva Yau presented key findings of the report and provided an overview of Beijing’s goals and influence in the security and military sector in Central Asia, analyzing 265 official records of high-level meetings conducted with Central Asian states between 1993 to 2020. In the first part of the event, Ms. Niva discussed Chinese concerns about Uyghur political movements and anti-Chinese sentiments in Central Asia. Furthermore, she covered Chinese multilateral, bilateral, and domestic security activities carried out in Central Asia. In particular, Ms. Yau gave a perspective of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, its security exercises within multilateral activities; joint patrols and operation, regular military exercises, and short-term training programmes within bilateral security engagement; as well as increased military capacity within domestic activities.

The report is available here.


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