Development Policy in Practice Workshop at the OSCE Academy

6 June, 2022

On 3-5 June 2022, the OSCE Academy hosted a workshop titled "Development Policy in Practice: Major Global Trends and their Relevance for Central Asia," organized for students and graduates of the OSCE Academy and AUCA with work experience in development. The event was initiated and led by David Rinnert, Development Counsellor, British Embassy Bishkek / Regional Deputy Development Director. The workshop covered the latest global evidence and practice across key issues in international development, including Governance, Economic Development, Peace Building, and Climate Change. Participants had an opportunity to discuss the “why”, “what” and the “how” of development policy in practice with a Trainer, bringing both academic and practical experience, as well as to reflect on how global trends are applied in programmes and policy in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Thus, the workshop equipped students and graduates with insights into how the global thinking on development policy and programming is evolving, what this means for Kyrgyzstan and the wider region, and how we can bring about change through designing and implementing effective policies and programmes.


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