OSCE Academy hosts 2nd Asian Summer School

26 June, 2022

On 20-26 June 2022, the OSCE Academy hosted the 2nd Asian Summer School on Political Parties and Democracy organized by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the University of Nottingham-Malaysia, the OSCE Academy, the Asian Political and International Studies Association and the Centre for the Study of Parties and Democracy. This Summer School brought together MA/Ph.D. researchers, practitioners, and civil society leaders in the field of political parties and democracy from and working in Asia. The purpose of the school was to provide instruction and discussion on a wider range of analytical perspectives in the study of political parties, party systems, elections, and democracy; stimulate international collaboration in mentioned fields, and encourage Ph.D./MA researchers and practitioners to take part in such collaboration. The School comprised an intensive programme of lectures, seminars and roundtables by leading scholars and practitioners in the field, and presentations with in-depth discussions of fellows’ projects. Participants had an opportunity to critically discuss their research works; develop their dissertation projects at the cutting edge of the field; learn the requirements and criteria of international academic publishing; to understand the main academic findings regarding party politics and democracy promotion.


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