Launch of the Russian Edition of Russia and Development: Capitalism, Civil Society and the State

22 November, 2022

On 18 November 2022, the OSCE Academy hosted a launch of the Russian edition of the book "Russia and Development: Capitalism, Civil Society and the State" by Charles Buxton, a civil society development researcher, activist and consultant. Charles Buxton welcomed the participants of the event and shared his experience of working in the non-government sector in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Following the introduction, Mr. Buxton presented the book on Russia and Development, focusing on political and social mobilization, and examining development in Russia within the framework of the development of local governmental and civil society organizations. Mr. Buxton briefed on each chapter from the history of CSOs to the present or fourth stage of civil society in Russia and Central Asia. Charles Buxton also provided case studies of CSOs and the results of their work in Ural and Siberia and talked about Tajik migrants in Russia and NGOs supporting their families in Tajikistan. The author noted that the Russian edition brings the analysis closer to current events via a consideration of how the current international conflicts might affect development in this region.

The book is available here.


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