Peace and Conflict Training at the OSCE Academy

22 September, 2023

From 17 till 21 September 2023, a Certificate Training on Peace and Conflict took place at the OSCE Academy. This training was co-organized by the OSCE Academy and CRISP - Crisis Simulation for Peace e.V. based in Germany. The 5-day course provided the participants from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan with a comprehensive introduction into concepts, tools and methods in the field of conflict transformation.

In the first half of the course, the focus was on an in-depth exploration of key terms and concepts, as well as tools for conflict analysis. During the second part of the training, a conflict situation was implemented, addressing prototypical challenges of a post-conflict situation. This experience allowed participants to test the competences they had gained in a realistic environment, gain a deeper understanding of complex conflict dynamics, and develop ideas for effective interventions in conflict settings.

The training was led by Oliver Wiechmann, an international consultant, trainer, and project manager at CRISP, and Ulugbek Nurumbetov, the founder and director of the Institute for Peace and Development.


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