Enhancing Sustainable Development Expertise: OSCE Academy Lecturer's Experience in Erasmus+ International Staff Week

28 March, 2024

From 18 to 22 March 2024, our lecturer, Dr. Kiyalbek Akmoldoev, participated in the Erasmus+ International Staff Week at Philipps University of Marburg in Germany, enhancing his expertise in Sustainable Development within the framework of our partnership with the university.

"I've had the privilege of participating in the Erasmus + International Staff Training Week at Philipps University Marburg, focusing on "The role of Higher Education Institutions in Fostering Sustainability Transformation." It's been an enriching journey filled with insightful discussions, collaborative workshops, and meaningful connections with professionals from around the globe who share a passion for sustainability. Throughout the week, we explored innovative strategies, best practices, and real-world initiatives aimed at driving sustainability transformation within higher education institutions. From sustainable campus operations to integrating sustainability into curricula, every aspect was thoughtfully examined, sparking ideas and igniting a sense of urgency to take action. The experience has not only broadened my perspective but has also reignited my commitment to making a positive impact on our planet through education."


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