The Module within the framework of Cooperation between OSCE Academy and Gorchakov Fund

3 June, 2019

Between 27 and 31 May students of the MA Programme in Politics and Security learnt about relations between China and Central Asia and China’s policy towards Central Asia within the framework of the module on “Central Asia and China,” taught by Dr. Yana Leksyutina, from St. Petersburg State University. “I was really impressed by how active the students of the Academy are and how openly they express their knowledge and opinion. Moreover, the students are very constructive and respectful towards each other even at times when they have disputes over some specific issues that are discussed at classes. I think that is largely due to the perfect management of the learning and teaching process that the Academy managed to organize” – highlighted Dr. Leksyutina.

This module is conducted within the framework of cooperation between the OSCE Academy and Gorchakov Fund under the Memorandum of Cooperation and collaboration signed in February 2019. This cooperation aims at visiting scholars’ exchange, organization of joint round-tables, conferences, seminars and research projects.


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