Workshop on “Strategies of Academic Survival: writing approaches and publication strategies”

11 December, 2019

On 10 December, the OSCE Academy conducted a workshop on “Strategies of Academic Survival: Writing Approaches and Publication Strategies,” led by Dr. Abel Polese, Senior Research Fellow at Dublin City University, Ireland. The workshop is based on his book: “The SCOPUS Diaries and the (il)logics of Academic Survival: A Short Guide to Design Your Own Strategy and Survive Bibliometrics, Conferences, and Unreal Expectations in Academia” and is targeting young researchers, post docs and PhD students to help them to design writing and publication strategies. During the workshop, Dr. Polese talked about writing approaches and on possible ways to structure a paper or presentation and explained how to “synchronize” the parts of the paper and shape the style of the article for a particular journal. Furthermore, he discussed the importance of publication plan and reviewing the academic publishers and outlets.


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