Central Asia Forecasting 2021- Results from an Expert Survey

2 November, 2021

On 2 November, the OSCE Academy in Bishkek hosted the launch of the "Central Asia Forecasting 2021- Results from an Expert Survey'' study, jointly implemented by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES), the SPCE Hub and aimed to help strengthen EU–Central Asia relations.

The event was  opened by Dr. Alexander Wolters, Director of the OSCE Academy, and Christoph Mohr, Regional Director for Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Friedrich Ebert Foundation. The overview of the Project and Expert Survey results were presented by Dr. Sebastian Schiek and Oyuna Baldakova, SPCE HUB, Germany, followed by a discussion of the Report according to the themes. Dr. Shairbek Dzhuraev, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy discussed the ‘The Promise, Value and Challenges of Forecasting Central Asia,’ Dr. Sania Toktogazieva, Associate Professor, American University of Central Asia presented on ‘Traditional Values in Kyrgyzstan,’ and Dr. Rahat Sabyrbekov, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy spoke about the ‘Economic Challenges and Climate in Central Asia.’ The event was moderated by Dr. Emil Juraev, Soros Foundation in Kyrgyzstan. 

The study results intended to stimulate the debate on the region, foster understanding of the common challenges and opportunities, and encourage data-driven policymaking.

The event was held in hybrid format and gathered more than 90 civil society representatives, regional experts, researchers and EU foreign-policy makers.

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