CCP Plus Programme Project

The joint project of the OSCE Academy in Bishkek and Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA) aimed at informing and involving young people. In Kyrgyzstan, the practice of kidnapping the bride still does not allow many smart and promising young women to receive education, to develop, to deprive them of a decent life, to see the world outside of their homes and duties. Despite the fact that the criminal code of Kyrgyzstan provides for up to 7 years in prison for kidnapping a person under the age of 17 to marry, the public, victims themselves and law enforcement agencies often do not consider abduction and forced marriage a serious crime. The general idea of ​​the project is to change the perception of bride kidnapping as a tradition and a generally accepted norm on what it really is - crime, violence, violation of human rights.

The project aims to promote better opportunities for young women and girls and this starts with them knowing their rights and freedoms as well as their parents knowing their obligations and responsibilities.

Here you can download the information leaflet (PDF format) in Kyrgyz and Russian languages presented below, to get the hardcopy for distribution or PSD (Photoshtop) version please contact Research and Training Unit via

Photos from the events are available here.


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