• Certificate Training “Climate Change & Conflict”

    On 4–7 October 2022, the OSCE Academy in Bishkek in cooperation with CRISP, an organization that develops and applies the method of simulation-gaming to the fields of conflict transformation, civic education, and citizen participation, organized a Certificate Training on Climate Change and Conflict. Participants of the training were 22 researchers, activists, experts, and junior and mid-level professionals from civil society, NGOs, and governmental organizations from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan.

    7 October, 2022

  • Public Lecture on Diaspora Online, Transnationalism and Political Participation

    On 27 September 2022, Dr. Ajar Chekirova, Associate Research Fellow at the OSCE Academy, delivered a public lecture on "Kyrgyz Diaspora Online: Understanding New Forms of Transnationalism, Citizenship, and Political Participation." Dr. Chekirova defined the terms "Diaspora," "political participation," and "transnational citizenship.

    29 September, 2022

  • 4th Interdisciplinary Conference on Adaptation and Transformation in Central Asia

    On 24-25 September 2022, the OSCE Academy and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation co-organized the 4th Interdisciplinary Conference on "Adaptation and Transformation in Central Asia," initiated and moderated by Dr. Anja Mihr, DAAD Associate Professor at the OSCE Academy. The conference brought together distinguished international and regional scholars, practitioners, and civil society activists to discuss how civil society, policymakers, and businesses have dealt with the paradigm shifts whilst adapting to institutional reforms and political shifts over the past decades.

    26 September, 2022

  • Closing Ceremony of the “Perspectives 20-30 Online Academy” 2022 held in Vienna

    On 16 September 2022, the closing ceremony of the five-month “Perspectives 20-30 Online Academy” was held at Hofburg (OSCE) in Vienna. During the five months, 25 young professionals and students from 25 OSCE participating States learned about OSCE history and its work, as well as developed their skills in writing, political analysis and interview techniques.

    21 September, 2022

  • OSCE Academy welcomes JACAFA Representatives

    On 19 September 2022, Ms. Kyoko Vrboski, Chairperson of the Japan Central Asia Friendship Association (JACAFA), and Dr. Saso A. Vrboski, Senior Vice President and Project Funding Coordinator, JACAFA, visited the OSCE Academy. Dr. Alexander Wolters, Director of the OSCE Academy, received distinguished guests and briefed them on the activities of the OSCE Academy.

    20 September, 2022

  • Deputy Director attends the World Rector’s Forum in Bishkek

    On 14-15 September 2022, Dr. Indira Satarkulova, Deputy Director of the OSCE Academy, accompanied Ambassador Alexey Rogov, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the OSCE Academy, Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Bishkek, to attend the World Rector’s Forum on “The Role of Universities in Building a National Innovation Ecosystem.”

    15 September, 2022

  • OSCE Academy celebrates its 20th Anniversary and welcomes back its Graduates to the Alumni Reunion

    On 3-4 September 2022, the OSCE Academy celebrated its 20th Anniversary and welcomed back over 100 graduates of its MA Programmes to the 5th Alumni Reunion. Along with the alumni, current students, lecturers, staff, representatives of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Diplomatic Corps based in Bishkek, and Heads of several Universities and partner institutions attended various activities conducted within the Celebration and Alumni Reunion.

    5 September, 2022

  • “Active Mobility Lab Bishkek”

    On 24 August 2022 the OSCE Academy hosted a workshop “Active Mobility Lab Bishkek,” co-organized by FES Kyrgyzstan, SPCE Hub. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the pilot project “Bishkek Mobility Lab” with the policy-makers and academics (Hochschule Karlsruhe – University of Applied Science, Intersectoral School of Governance BW, and the Kyrgyz State Technical University) and the representatives of the mayor's office, the police and the road service, as well as civil society.

    26 August, 2022

  • Summer School Students receive their Certificates

    On 25 August 2022, the closing ceremony of the preparatory Summer School Programme 2022 was held at Issyk-Kul Lake. During the four-week summer school programme, students have been taking intensive courses in Academic Writing, Mathematics for Economists, and Research Methods in Social Sciences, preparing themselves for further studies.

    25 August, 2022

  • Visit of Students from the University of Tübingen in Germany

    On 18 August 2022, a group of students from Tuebingen University, Germany, headed by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kinder visited the OSCE Academy as part of their field trip to Central Asia.

    19 August, 2022